31 athletes from Team Noel obtain a higher belt


A total of 31 athletes from Ying Yang Club – Team Noel, obtained a higher grade in kickboxing during an exam held under the auspices of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) on Sunday 5th November.


The exam, which was held at Ying Yang Club in Fgura, was directed by Kancho Adrian Axisa, and was attended by athletes from five local kickboxing clubs.


Some of the athletes who obtained a higher belt during this exam had just fought and won the previous week during Gladiators Fight Night 18. These included Diane Schembri, Justin Pace, Julian Mangion, and Jesred Piscopo, with the latter clinching a WKN title.


In all there were twelve athletes from Team Noel who obtained a yellow belt, eleven obtained an orange belt, five a green belt, five a blue belt, one a violet belt, and two a brown belt.



The athletes training with Master Noel Mercieca who obtained a new belt were:

Yellow Belt: Kaiden Paul Camilleri, Ishmael Azzopardi, Kersty Fenech, Jasmine Spiteri, Tria Peresso, Christine Spiteri, Diandra Bartolo Haidon, Samwel Agius, Abigail Ebejer, Tammy Pope, Cressida Muscat, Leon Piscopo

Orange Belt: Kim Besancon, Jeffrey Schembri, Ritianne Agius, Mariah Bongailas, Jessica Vella, Faith Vassallo, Jean Claude Farrugia, James Busuttil, Wendy Amber Pace, Jamie Bugeja, Gianluca Muscat

Green Belt: D Justin Pace, Mariah Camilleri, Kyle Darmanin, Alessia Pulis, Diane Schembri

Blue Belt: Celeste Galea, Jamil Harb, Alison Boffa, Rachel Seguna, John Caruana.

Violet Belt: Julian Mangion

Brown Belt: Brian Vella, Jesred Piscopo


More information on the training offered at Team Noel – Ying Yang club can be obtained by getting in touch with Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283, visiting the website or the Facebook page Team Noel – Kickboxing Malta.